PHOTO COMPETITION "Stop the moment"

This year, the tenth international festival of ancient cars "Leopolis Grand Prix 2022" will be held in Lviv from June 3 to 5.

Location of the festival: park named after B. Khmelnytsky and "Lviv Triangle", formed by st. D. Vitovsky, Sq. I. Franko, street Stryiska (ascending part) and street Heroes of the Maidan. The festival program includes an exhibition of retro cars in the park (from June 3 to June 5), an elegance contest (June 4) and a show race "Lviv Triangle" (June 5, 2022).

During the festival, many fans of photographic art capture the participants and their cars with their cameras. In 2019, we decided to launch a competition for the best photo dedicated to this event and made during the festival.

We want to see in the photos the moments of the race, visitors' acquaintances with the cars and motorcycles of the participants, the presentation of ancient equipment at the elegance contest, the reactions of participants and spectators to the cars and the moments of the race. We accept photos in which the presence of the car of the participant of the festival is obligatory: not necessarily as the main element, but, at the same time, which can be well recognized and identified.

The competition will be held in the following nominations:

A. Ladies and cars
The main elements of the composition should be a woman and a car participant. Evaluated: composition, emotions, skill in presenting the topic. Staff can be both stationary and in motion.
B. Lviv Triangle Race
The main element of the composition is a car participant and a crew in motion on the "Lviv Triangle". Evaluated: emotions of the crew and spectators, the skill of fixing the movement, composition. Preference is given to shots in motion, but it is allowed to cover the topic of the last moments before the start and the first emotions after the finish.
C. Presentation of participants' cars
The main element of the composition is the auto-participant, crew or spectators. Evaluated: composition, emotions, skill in presenting the topic. Staff can be both stationary and in motion.

Terms and conditions of the competition:

All fans of photography are invited to participate in the competition: both professionals and amateurs.
Number of photos
Each author can submit to the jury no more than 4 photos in one nomination.
Photo format
The works are submitted in digital form in the size of 30x40 cm, with high resolution, (without compression) JPEG, 300dpi.
How to sign photos?
Nomination - Sequence number - Surname, name of the author - Photo title
Example: "A-1-John-Smith (phone number) -" On the turn "(name)"
Deadline for admission
The deadline for submission of photographs is June 9, 2022 (inclusive)

Photo upload form

Upload photos

Celebrating the winners of the competition.

The organizers present commemorative diplomas to all participants of the photo contest, and valuable prizes are awarded to the winners (I, II, III places in each nomination).

Jury members:

1. Кравс Євген (НСФХУ)
2. Неупокоєв Сергій (AFIAP, НСФХУ)
3. Дубас Володимир (EFIAP, НСФХУ)

Winners of the photo contest of the 2019 festival

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